About Me

About Kelly
I am a big animal person and I especially love dogs.

In 4th grade, my life was opened up to the world of dogs when my family moved to New Jersey.  We moved to a house across the street from the president of a local greyhound rescue group.  He got me started in greyhound and afghan rescue as well as dog psychology.  My first dog and first greyhound was adopted through him.  Eris became my project animal in 4-H where I learned how to care for, train and show dogs.  We competed in obedience, Jr. Show, and agility for six years.  We also visited nursing homes, taught dog safety to children, and worked many Meet and Greets for greyhound adoption.

Since graduating as a 4-H member, I began volunteering as a 4-H dog trainer and leader for the clubs.  I enjoy teaching children how to communicate with their dogs in positive ways.  Eris was my demo dog for many years until she passed away at the age of 14.  A year later I adopted Luna who I will train for AKC level competition.  I am excited to share my experiences working with Luna and introducing her to the Garden State.

About Mike
I grew up in New Jersey and met Kelly in high school.  Until meeting Kelly I did not know anything about greyhounds.  Amber, my family's Lab mix, was my style of dog.  In fact, I still prefer the bigger and hairier dogs.  Luna is not only my first greyhound, but she is our first dog together.  Her cute face and silly antics have definitely won me over.  However, I stand firmly in my belief that she is a big pain in the ass.  I still love her anyway.

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