Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jammed Packed Weekend = Sleepy Puppy

This past weekend kept Luna busy.  She traveled to new places, made new friends, and enjoyed plenty of quality time with her people.

We kicked off the weekend with a trip to a local lure coursing event.  Everyone we met was very interested in watching Luna run, but she would not get a turn until about four hours later so we decided to skip the run.  Instead, we watched the only greyhound compete and he was fantastic!  Luna went nuts when she saw him take off after the lure and she could not follow.  She barked and whined to the point where I had to remove her from the area.  Based on her reaction to the lure I think she would really enjoy lure coursing.  The participants we spoke to believe that she might be good at it since she is small and really wants to chase the lure.  Mike and I are checking the calendar to see when we might be able to take her to another event to be tested.

After the lure coursing event, we stopped by the local dog park for a quick run.  Luna was not interested in being around the many other dogs.  You could tell she wanted to go back to her sight hound group.  She did give us a few runs across a field, but it was obvious she was done.

We then visited Mike's parents' house.  His parents own a yellow lab mix who has a history of being protective of her property and people.  We have been slowly introducing Luna and Amber on neutral territory and this was the first time we brought them together in the fenced in backyard.  Amber was a bit on edge, but overall both dogs behaved well.  We will try the backyard play dates a few more times before progressing to the house.

On Sunday, I took Luna for a nice hike in a local park.  She definitely enjoyed the wildlife in the woods and was very interested in the small birds in the bushes.  We came across a few people and a biker who stopped to admire her which she enjoyed.  To wrap up the weekend, Luna and I spent time with my friend Ashley and her newly adopted Shih Tzu, Chewie.  Both dogs got along great and really enjoyed cuddling on the bed as we crocheted and watched movies.


houndstooth said...

Ha ha! Yeah, our girls prefer to be with other Greyhounds, too! I'm glad you and Luna had a good time.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Sounds like you and Luna had a wonderful weekend. I hope this one is just as good. She is bound to be good at lure coursing. Greyhounds do love to hang around together:)