Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Luna, Luna, Pumpkin Eater

I was on my way home from work when I received a frantic phone call from Mike who had just walked in to the house.  "Is pumpkin bad for dogs?!"

Too cute to get in trouble.
"What happened?" I asked.  "She ate those little pumpkins you had on the tv stand.  Do I need to call a vet?"  Thankfully, I knew that pumpkin was not on the "Do Not Eat" list for dogs.  I had done a lot of research on dog digestive remedies when we first adopted Luna.  Canned pumpkin was frequently suggested for dogs with diarrhea and constipation.  I wasn't sure about eating a whole pumpkin (granted they were the small version).  Would the shell, seeds, and stem be ok?

After reassuring Mike that pumpkin is ok for dogs to eat, I suggested he look online to see what we could expect from Luna eating an entire pumpkin.  The results suggested that the pumpkin would either plug her up or keep her going.  In either case, she'd be fine.

We kept a watchful eye on Luna to make sure everything passed without any problems.  While I was frustrated at losing two pumpkins to Luna's silly antics, I was glad that this was a situation of no harm, no foul.  Usually we spend the evenings asking Luna "Who's a good girl?" to which we reply "You are!" as we pet her.  After the pumpkin incident we would ask her "Who's a good girl?" out of habit, but we had to change the answer to "Not you!"

Just three left.


Sue said...

Glad the pumkins won't hurt her.

gyeong said...

Maybe this is her way of asking for canned pumpkin in her diet :)

Patty Erdman said...

I can see her starting out playing with them and then an innocent bite and then she says "Yum, these things are good!" LOL

Sam said...

Good thing she got into something safe!


Maddy and Owen said...

Sounds like something Owen would do! We love your pictures :)
Maddy and Owen

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

I like them, too, but I prefer mine cooked! I have a delicious-looking harlequin squash in the kitchen right now ... but don't tell Luna!!!