Monday, December 24, 2012


And now for something completely different!

What could be better than bringing Luna in to work?  How about bringing puppies in to work?!  

"Why yes.  I am just that cute."
During the fall, my co-worker's Siberian Husky, Libby, had a litter of puppies.  As the puppies have gone on to their new homes, my co-worker has brought the remaining two puppies to the office so they would not be alone with the adult dogs.  Stormy (gray) and Brady (black) were a ton of fun to have around.  Most of the day was spent sleeping in the crate, but when it was time to come out and play they were little balls of furry lightning flying around the office.

Stormy and Brady just hanging.
Stormy has visited the office a couple of times already and is starting to get the hang of office life.  When he first arrives he is full of energy and howls when we put him in the crate.  Eventually he settles down and takes a very long nap.  Howling must wear him out.  Around 4:00pm we take him back out for a potty break, dinner, and playtime.  He loves to run up and down the hallways.  He is a very confident little boy, but always aware of where my co-worker is in case she decides to leave him.

10 minutes before the crazy puppies were let out.

Luna has not had the pleasure of meeting Stormy yet, but she has investigated his empty crate.  She especially liked his bone which I had to explain to Luna that it did not belong to her.  I'm sure they will meet soon and I can only hope that it will be a fairly calm experience (yeah, right!).  

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Jen said...

Puppies?! I would love to have puppies at work! They're such adorable fuzzballs.