Friday, March 15, 2013

Luna and Symphony

Things have been crazy busy this past week (don't I say that all the time?).  There have been so many wonderful moments between Symphony and Luna, but just not enough time to capture them all here.  I'll try to sum up what we've experienced in just a few short notes.

  1. Symphony loves to be as close to Luna as possible.  You've seen the picture of her using Luna as a head rest.  One night, Symphony decided Luna would also make a good bed.  Luna was very tolerant, but looked at me pleading with her eyes for me to get Symphony off of her.
  2. Luna came to work with me this week and really enjoyed the one-on-one time with me.  I appreciated having a dog in the office that knows the routine so well that I don't have to worry about her.  The teens I met with that evening loved seeing Luna and gave her plenty of attention.
  3. Symphony has been playing with the squeaky toys more and more.  She especially likes a small toy that rattles and squeaks.  
  4. Luna has been trying to get Symphony to play with her in our tiny yard.  When Luna has the zoomies, she wants Symphony to join in.  A few times she has mouthed Symphony's neck with no response from Symphony.  I think if they were both off leash they could really be fun to watch, but the opportunity to do so has not come up.
  5. I previously wrote about Symphony's first day at work which was both stressful and fun.  Today, I brought Symphony in to work again, but this time it will be her last day at work because...
  6. Symphony has been adopted!
Tomorrow, I will be taking Symphony and Luna to a Meet & Greet where she will be adopted by her new family.  If all goes well (and I'm sure it will), Symphony will be going off to live with a very nice man and his 11 year old male greyhound.  In addition to adopting Flying Symphony, the new owner will be adopting Flying Loveable, a black brood mom from the same kennel as Symphony.  

Mike and I are so excited to see her go to such a fantastic home, but we will miss her.  In fact, during the phone interview the adopter asked me if we were planning to keep Symphony.  I think he sensed that we really love this girl.  While we think Symphony is just a fantastic dog, it's a little too crowded in our home for us to all be comfortable.  Until we move to a bigger place, we will be a one dog family with the occasional foster.  She is going to make her new family's life so wonderful and we look forward to seeing her at all the greyhound events.


Sue said...

I hope she has a wonderful life. Sound like just the right home.

Will you foster another one?

gyeong said...

So glad to hear she will be going to her forever home. We don't live in a big house, and one room is gated for the cat. It does start to feel a little crowded when we start getting into double digit greyhounds. Especially on our bed :)

What Remains Now said...

So happy for Symphony!

Those Brindle Kids said...

Yay for Symphony and for her new home! I know you all will miss her but you must be so proud of all you have done to help get her ready for her new life and family!

houndstooth said...

Congratulations to Symphony! It sounds like she's found a really perfect new home! :)