Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Working with Mike

While I was away at my work conference, Mike decided to take Luna to work with him so he could stay at work late without worrying about her.  I was a little worried about how well this would go since Mike had never taken Luna to work with him before.  Would his office mates be ok with having her around?  Would Luna behave herself and stay put?

Not only did Luna have a great time at work and behaved herself, everyone at worked loved having her around (big surprise).  In fact, Mike brought her to work almost every day of the week while I was away.  Since then, his office mates have requested that she come back to work more often.

Mike sent me a few pictures of Luna at the office.  I have to say that she looks way more comfortable at his office than at mine.  Maybe that is because he brought her giant comfy pillow where as I just give her a blanket.  Then again, we definitely give out more treats at my office.
Just waiting for the end of the work day.
"Is it time to go yet?"

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