Thursday, September 22, 2011

Playing with color

When Luna and I went for our walk around the lake I took the opportunity to get some nice photos of her.  It has been hard to get good photos of her because she is all black and the lighting is never right.  We stopped at Hickory Dock for our photo shoot and I tried a variety of angles and settings.  Nothing came out the way I had hoped so now I'm wondering if my little camera just won't give me the quality of pictures I'm looking for. 

The following pictures show the original shot along side the edited version.  I have been playing around with the color settings to see what I can create.  I think it is obvious that I like to make the color come out.

The edited one brings out the pink color, blue water, and makes the trees look like they are just turning for fall.

I think this one was overdone.  The leaves look great but the color looks weird.

For this one I wanted to make her eyes stand out.  I think the whole setting is kind of neat.  

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