Friday, September 21, 2012

Out for Lunch

It's pretty clear that Luna has it good right now.  She has been accompanying me to work for the last few weeks.  She is obviously a favorite in the office.  I think my co-workers are more excited to see her than they are to see me. :-)

Today we decided to go out for lunch at Panera which has outdoor seating.  Luna joined us for lunch and was very good.  She stood quietly while we ate and did not beg for food from anyone.  Ok, she begged a little, but she understood when we told her no.  People who walked by commented on her beauty and smiled as they passed by.  I think Luna does more than brighten my day when she comes to work with me.  She definitely makes everyone's day better.

"Do you need me to finish that salad for you?"


gyeong said...

Who could resist such a cute girl in a pink harness?

Sue said...

Hope she got a little something for being so good.

What Remains Now said...

The world would be a better place if dogs could come to work with us.

Hiking Hounds said...

That's so nice that you can bring her to work. I'm sure she love it too.

Sam said...

She'd be hard not to like!


Jay said...

Greyhounds do that, especially beautiful ones. I know they're all beautiful, but some do stand out, don't they?

Luna is a very good girl. She clearly knows which side her bread's buttered!