Friday, September 14, 2012

Paycheck Cookies

Over the summer I wasn't able to bring Luna into work very often, to the disappointment of my co-workers. Now that things have settled down into some kind of a routine, I've been able to take Luna to work about once a week.

Most of the time I pick Friday or Thursday because there are fewer people in the office.  She has a bad habit of walking out of my office to greet someone in the hallway.  Usually she does this when I am on the phone.  If I know I'm going to be on the phone for awhile I will use an old accordion gate to keep her contained.  
Bambi eyes hard at work.

Today, there were only three of us in the office for the morning and two in the afternoon.  Luna had a lot more freedom and she was more than happy to help out in any way she could.  Generally, hanging out at the office is pretty boring for Luna.  On the plus side, she gets way more cookies on a work day than if she stayed at home.  As a result, Luna loves going to work and will eagerly run up the stairs, turn the corner down the hallway, and find her "desk" (a blanket on the floor) in my office.  I'm glad she enjoys coming to work as much as I enjoy having her here.
"Anything there for me?"


gyeong said...

I'd love to go to work too if people were feeding me cookies :)

Sue said...

Wish everyone could take their hounds to work.

What Remains Now said...

How wonderful. If I were your co-worker, you'd have to have a talk with me about giving Luna too many treats. I would be a sucker for the Bambi eyes.

Mollie said...

Wow thats so cool going to work wiff ya Humon :) do youz get paid in treats..BOL. Popped over to Hi from PBU..Come visit our pad :)

Mollie and Alfie

Maddy and Owen said...

Hello Luna! Found you through PBU. You are really beautiful! We also live in the garden state and have a cousin that is also a black greyhound who is a retired racer too. You are very lucky to be able to go to work with your Mommy!
Maddy and Owen

Auntie M said...

I would LOVE to bring any of my girls to work with me. But it seems the big corporations don't seem interested.

Love your Bambi eye, my little Lunatic.

Auntie M!