Thursday, December 15, 2011

Increased Mobility and Increased Stress

Ugh.  This evening was tough.  On the plus side, Luna has improved so much that she is now able to get herself into a stand!  She can stand on her own if all four feet a flat and she has enough strength.  Don't leave her on her own for too long or she'll come crashing down.  Thank goodness we practiced our "stay" command before the accident so she knows to stay put when we walk out of a room.  She has already tried to follow us and now that she can get into a stand she can really hurt herself if we aren't there to catch her.

On the stressful side, Luna really made a mess of herself this evening.  We gave her a sponge bath, but it wasn't enough.  That meant we had to carry her up the winding staircase (something I was hoping to avoid for several weeks) and give her a bath.  Luckily, we have a walk in shower with enough space for her to lie down in.  We also have a shower head that can be detached from the wall which makes bath time a lot easier.  However, since all our crummy towels were being used to keep Luna comfy and she peed on them, we didn't have any towels to dry her off.  I guess we'll be asking Santa for some new towels to replace our former "good" towels.  At least she's safe, clean, and comfy.

Tomorrow morning we are visiting the vet for her first check up after the accident.  I am really looking forward to showing the doctor how far she has come in just under two weeks.  I think they will be very impressed.  I know I am.

Thank you for the continued support, advice, and comments.  It really lifts our spirits to read your comments and tell Luna she's got a lot of people (and puppies) out there rooting for her.


What Remains Now said...

I'm so glad that Luna continues to do well. I imagine this might be the hardest part of the recovery. She improving enough to hurt herself. I feel bad for you all for the "mess" part...that's just hard. God bless you for all you're doing for Luna. I think about you several times every day and pray for you to have strength during this difficult time. We definitely are on Team Luna!

Sue said...

Glad that Luna is improving.

Sounds like you handled the mess without getting in a state about it.

Hope the vet is pleased with Luna.

gyeong said...

Bet the vet will be very impressed with her progress. We were in a similar situation with Beth at the end when she couldn't get up. We just put towels under her, and when she made a mess we replaced the towel, and just wiped her down with baby wipes.

Two Greyhound Town said...

Wow, she is standing on her own! That is great, but I understand the concern. I wonder if maybe an x-pen will help when she is able to walk a little so that she doesn't take off on you. Maybe she needs a bell on her collar or something so that you know when she is moving about.

I'm excited to hear about the vet visit.

Team Luna here, too! I tell my husband about her updates every night.

houndstooth said...

I agree with Two Greyhound Town. An ex-pen might really help at this point. I know that it's really tough dealing with those accidents, but it sounds like you have a great set up for being able to manage things when she does have one.