Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Fur Baby

Luna is doing well.  She's been a little extra whinny today (soreness? feeling needy?), but overall she continues to strengthen her legs, keep in good spirits, and eat well.  I mentioned before that she was rolling on to her back periodically.  Yesterday, she suddenly completed the roll and successfully flipped herself!  Today, when we were getting ready to pick her up to carry her out for a potty break, she was able to prop herself up into a sit!  That's our good girl.
Luna working on flipping herself.

Now, I will occasionally refer to Luna as our baby, but the last week has really taken it to a new level.  Who would have thought we'd have a 55 pound baby on our hands?

Luna is like a baby because...
  • She can't be left alone
  • She needs us to feed her
  • She needs our help with potty time
  • She can't walk (yet)
  • She cries (a lot)
  • We can't understand what she is trying to tell us
Luna is NOT like a baby because...
  • She can bite (but I guess babies can too, but she has some really bad teeth)
  • She weighs a lot
  • She's a lot hairier
The good news is that Luna is progressing quickly so hopefully she will learn to walk, go to school, graduate, and get a good job.  Wait, let's just stick to walking. :-)


Hiking Hounds said...

This is great, it really sounds like she is healing. She looks very cozy. It is a lot like taking care of a baby or child, but at least she can't talk back. :-) Happy belated Birthday!

gyeong said...

Glad Luna is improving with every post. At least you don't have a 90 lb boy to carry around :) People who don't me think I have 'skin kids' when I refer to my babies/kids.

houndstooth said...

Be glad she's only 55 pounds and not eighty!

Our Treat had spinal problems just before she died, and she was given prednisone. I'm guessing Luna probably was, too, to reduce the swelling at the injury site. Her whining could very well be her getting used to not having that in her system. That or she could be taking "spoiled" to a new level! I'd give her the benefit of the doubt for now, though.

I'm so glad to hear that she's still improving!

Declan said...

That's excellent news. Glad she is doing so well Deccy x

What Remains Now said...

I'm going to do the super happy dance when Luna starts walking again. She's doing so well, that might be pretty soon.

Sue said...

Luna sure looks happy roaching.

Looking forward to more good news about your baby:)

Two Greyhound Town said...

I'm glad she is only 55 pounds. It's not easy at that weight, but she is small for a greyhound. I bet she is a doll!

I hope she is walking again very soon. You will hear us all cheering then.