Friday, July 6, 2012

Lazy 4th, Busy Weekend

Mike and I were busy on the 4th of July so Luna went to spend the day at my parents' house.  Their agenda for the day was to be bums.  Luna enjoyed a marathon of Star Trek and other movies, a couple of walks, and plenty of attention.  Mike and I were able to enjoy the day (and fireworks) knowing Luna was safe and secure.

Tomorrow is my parents' neighborhood 4th of July party.  This is bigger than Christmas to our family.  It is an entire day of swimming in the lake, games, good food, and plenty of drinks.  Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the beach which means Luna will have to stay up at the house.  It is really for the best since we are so busy at the party.  When we adopted Luna last year, we made sure we picked her up the day after the party so she would not be stressed by us leaving her all day.  This will be the first year Luna will spend the majority of the day on her own.  To make up for her boring day, I am planning to take her on plenty of outings on Sunday.

Tonight I need to not only prepare food and drink items for the party, but I will freeze some treats for Luna to enjoy during the day.

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Sue said...

Hope Luna enjoys her day with the extra treats.

Also hope you all have a fab day.