Saturday, July 14, 2012

Playtime with Cousin Sarah

Luna has a new favorite playmate.  Cousin Sarah is visiting from Colorado and she wanted to meet Luna.  She owns an eight year old Irish Wolfhound named Ian so she (like me) is partial to sight hounds.  It didn't take long before Luna was practically begging Sarah to play with her.  I was not prepared for this unexpected need to play.  Luckily, Mike's family had an old tennis ball.  Luna also ran laps in the backyard.  This was probably the biggest zoomies session she has had since...well...forever!

Sarah asks both dogs to sit for a picture.

Well done!
The following are a bunch of videos of Luna playing with Sarah.  I took so many because I was shocked she was playing so much.  This went on for hours.  Every time we thought she was done she would start barking until we tossed her the ball.  What a nut!

When it was time to go home it was hard to say good-bye to Sarah.  She is only visiting for a short time so we probably won't get a chance to see her again.  I'm glad she and Luna had such a great time together.  I hope she comes back to visit again soon.


gyeong said...

You've had her for a year, and you're still seeing a new side of Luna. She is full of surprises.

Sue said...

So nice to see Luna playing.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Riley loves to play with a tennis ball at our training building. It bounces on the rubber floor and she loves to just drop it and catch it over and over.