Sunday, July 1, 2012

Greyhounds Follow the Drinking Gourd

Luna was not particularly happy with me this evening.  At about 7:00pm I loaded up all her bedding into my Jeep which clearly signals that we are going somewhere.  When I left without her she was quite upset.  Mike said she spent an hour sighing and whimpering.  When I returned after 11:00pm I smelled of other greyhounds.  I know she was thinking, "You left me to play with other dogs?!"  My punishment was the cold shoulder.
"What do you mean I have to stay here?"
So where did I go?  I had signed up to be a part of the Greyhound Underground Railroad and my leg of the journey was late this evening.  My mom came along for the ride to help keep me focused.  We were transporting two dogs (male and female) with broken legs.  Both were beautiful, but my heart went to the little fawn girl.  She had the same markings as Eris, but the delicate looks of Luna.  What a cutie!

The pick up was at Mary Pat's house.  Since we got there a few minutes early, I introduced my mom to the pack.  The girls were eager to show off their high speeds which made me nervous.  Poor Opal had recently suffered an injury to her leg and was in a cast.  She really wanted to keep up with her sisters as they ran past her.  Since she couldn't play with the girls, she tried to get their attention by throwing a torn up stuffed rabbit in the air.  It was if she was saying, "Look guys! I've got a toy! Please come play with me."  The following is a video of the girls playing.

Emerald needs a cool down after her runs.
We didn't have much time to visit when Mary Pat arrived.  We had to potty the dogs, give them a quick drink, and load them up for the next trip.  They immediately settled down and were quiet the whole way.  Well, we did get a "woof" from the boy who did not appreciate my choice of music.  An hour and a half later we handed the pups off to the next driver.  I didn't like saying good-bye, but I'm glad I was able to help get them a little closer to their forever homes.
Ready to meet the next driver.

For the cost of a tank of gas and a few hours I feel pretty good about the trip.  I look forward to helping out the next dogs travel north to their new homes.


Sue said...

Well done you for helping out. hope they both find their forever homes soon.

gyeong said...

GURs are fun, as long as traffic isn't bad. Our friend did the Richmond to Fredericksburg leg, and we signed up to do the next leg, but someone else had already volunteered.

Auntie M said...

We really appreciate you helping with the GUR. It was a difficult weekend to fill all the legs.

And thanks for the video and pix of my babies.

You'll have to stop by for a playdate soon with the Little Luna Girl.