Saturday, June 30, 2012

Family Hike

It is hot again here.  Luckily, our air conditioner works this time around. :-)

Mike and I would have loved to have stayed inside all day, but Luna was stir crazy today.  This past week I was running a camp for teens so I worked very long hours.  When I came home each night, I collapsed.  Poor Luna didn't get much outside time during the week and she wasn't about to miss out on the weekend.

Despite the heat, Mike, Luna and I loaded up into the Jeep and headed out to one of my favorite places to hike.  A short walk through a field led to some lovely trails through the woods.  I used to take Eris here all the time.  In her older age, I would let her off leash to explore the water while I sat on the bridge.  It was nice to bring Luna to a place where I have such great memories of Eris.

To my surprise, Luna walked straight into the stream.  She seemed to enjoy the cool water and didn't mind the fish swimming past her feet.  This was a shock for Mike and me since Luna can't stand wet grass or kiddie pools.  She loved the water so much she walked in almost up to her chest.  Not too bad.
As we hiked through the woods, Luna stayed close to us.  If we got a little bit ahead we would call her and she would immediately catch up.  It is obvious that Luna prefers to stay with us.  At one point Mike said, "Quick! Put her on the leash!"  I didn't see what the problem was at first until I looked ahead on the trail.  There was a deer standing in some brush watching us approach.  I grabbed Luna, who was walking next to me, and snapped the leash on.  I guess Luna was surprised by my behavior because she had been obeying us so well.  She looked around and that's when she saw the deer.  The deer took off (although not very fast or very far), but Luna stayed put with her ears up.  I'm sure she would have chased the deer if I had encouraged her, but she stayed still.  Good reaction.

We finished up the hike with another dip in a stream before heading back through the field.  Luna did very well on the hike despite the hot weather, wildlife distractions, and obstacles she had to navigate (i.e. rocks and branches).


Sue said...

Sounds like a perfect walk.

gyeong said...

That's surprising about the stream, my guys avoid all forms of water if possible. We got rid of our kiddie pool when it went unused.