Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vet Open House

The vet clinic that helped us after Luna's accident was having an open house today and invited Greyhound Friends of NJ to be a part of the party.  Not only was this another great day for a Meet & Greet, but I wanted the doctors and staff to see how much Luna has improved since they last saw her. 
The event was bigger than I had expected.  There was a petting zoo/pony ride, face painting, free food, vendors for pet products, and of course plenty of adoption organizations.  The place was filled with small mix breed dogs, German shepherds, cats and greyhounds. 
Luna and Tabitha taking a break.
Ingrid rests in the shade.
Monk sees the petting zoo.
Cookie smiles for the camera.
Luna keeps a watch from Monk's back.
Ingrid's turn for look out on Monk's back.
Most of the greyhounds we had at the event are available for adoption and are currently being cared for by inmates through the Prison Program.  It was nice to spend some time with these dogs.  I especially liked Tabitha and Monk. 

Tabitha is a big goofball who enjoys roaching, playing with anything that looks like a toy, and greeting visitors with a lot of tail wagging.  She tempted me, but she is not cat or small dog safe.  She is also very nervous around small children.  Her ideal home would be with adults with a sense of humor.
Tabitha photo bombs Cookie's pretty picture.
Monk (or as I call him "Monkey Man") is not only gorgeous to look at, but he is very fun to be around.  I can't get over his amazing eyes and long Roman nose.  He is a goofball, too.  Somehow he kept getting himself wrapped around chairs and crashing into the other dogs.  Not exactly graceful.  On the negative side, he is a little too focused on small, fast moving animals.  He was fine with a small dog that stood his ground, but the petting zoo was too tempting.
Monk's long nose.  Wow!
And check out those eyes!
Luna, as always, was perfect.  When the other dogs were feeling tired she gladly stepped up to let visitors pet her.  She demonstrated her tricks for a few kids which they loved.  As much as I liked the other greyhounds, I love that Luna is so dependable and I can trust her in any situation.


What Remains Now said...

Looks like a greyt day. Wonderful pictures. I hope every pup finds their perfect forever home.

gyeong said...

I bet Luna was quite happy that going to the vet didn't turn into a poke/prod session. Good thing Monk was there for the girls to rest their heads.

Sue said...

Looks like a good time for all.

Love Monk, he's gorgeous:)