Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Being Silly

Lately, there has not been too much to report from Luna.  She is behaving well out of the crate while we are away, she is enjoying her outings, and she is earning lots of treats.

I mentioned in a previous post that I was working on a silly trick with Luna.  The below video is her learning the new post-it trick. 


Over the past few weeks I've been encouraging Luna to play with her stuffed toys.  We have her moon upstairs for morning zoomies and her chipmunk toy downstairs for evening zoomies.  I think she likes the chipmunk better because it honks rather than squeaks.  It is also much easier to get it to make a noise which Luna likes.  Most of the time I'm the one to initiate playtime.  I can tell that she is feeling silly so I introduce the toy.  Tonight, I was surprised to hear Luna chomping on her toy without any interaction from Mike or me.  Here is a video of her enjoying her own playtime.


houndstooth said...

She's so cute with it! Our first Greyhound never wanted to be caught in the act of playing. We'd see evidence that she had been while we were gone, but you had to be really sneaky to catch her most of the time!

Sue said...

So nice to see Luna playing with her toy. My Song came up to the PC when she heard the squeaking:)

gyeong said...

It's funny how her personality is still changing even after she's been with you a while. We've had Stella for 7 years, and only recently she started throwing toys around, but only at breakfast and dinner.

Auntie M said...

Oh lookit her playing.

Ok time for another playdate at Auntie M's!