Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scottish Festival

This past Saturday was the annual Bonnie Brae Scottish Festival and Highland Games event.  Greyhound Friends of NJ asked volunteers to promote greyhound adoption.  I had been to the event many years ago when I was studying Scotland in school.  I was very excited to attend the event and see how Luna would react to the bagpipes.

Luna keeps a look out for visitors.
We had plenty of greyhounds come out and the crowd was very excited to meet them.  The young kids who were competing in highland dancing would come over between their dances to pet the greyhounds.  Luna was happy to show off her tricks to the kids and even let a few kids give her commands.  Our tent was between a collie group and a sheltie group so we really stood out.
Young dancers.
The boys are taking a break.
Highland games.
Rusty, are you still tired?
Our color pallet.
What's that?!
 At noon, we were asked to participate in their parade which would lead out on to the field.  Luna and I jumped at the chance to really show off the greyhounds.  Along with five other greyhounds, we marched behind the hundreds of bagpipers, drummers, dancers, and other dog breeds.  It was pretty exciting and Luna did fantastic with all the noise. 
Luna gives a pep talk before the parade starts.

This was a really fun event and I know Luna had a great time.  We can't wait for next year!


Sue said...

Now song and I ant to know who the gorgeous blue grey is.

Lovely to see and hear the pipes. I lived in Scotland as a wee lassy and I fondly remember the pipes:)

Well done you for promoting how great Greys are.

gyeong said...

Events are so much more fun when you can take the furkids. Quite the array of colors. Usually we end up with an overwhelming group of one coloring.