Sunday, June 17, 2012


Today was a special day for two reasons.  First, it was Father's Day so my dad enjoyed celebrating with his grandpuppy.  I'm sure he enjoyed the time spent with my brother and me, but Luna is definitely the favorite in his eyes.

The other big part of the day was our church's blessing of the animals.  I definitely had to bring Luna to church since so many people in our congregation have supported us through the last six months.  It was a real treat for everyone to see her prancing up the driveway.  She eagerly greeted everyone and even allowed a four-year-old to hug her.  

Luna greets the minister who has been a fantastic cheerleader through her recovery.
When it was time to settle down for the service, she rested comfortably next to me on her pillow.  The other visiting pets were all dogs of varying breeds.  We had a collie/golden mix, a terrier mix, a basset hound, a beagle, a black lab, a boston terrier, and a dalmatian mix.  All the dogs were well behaved even when a few joined in the singing.  Those without dogs brought pictures of their animals or stuffed animals. 
A nice turn out on a nice day.  Do you see Luna resting on her pillow?
Even though the ceremony was about blessing the animals, I felt that I was the one who is blessed to have had so many wonderful animals in my life.  My cats, rodents, guinea pig, dogs, and various other critters have brought me so much joy.  I am so glad to have Luna as part of my family.  We are both very blessed to have each other.

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Sue said...

What a lovely thing your church did. Can't say I've ever heard of blessing animals here.