Sunday, August 4, 2013


Got car?  Will travel!

"So where are we going this time?"
That's Luna's motto these days.  Every time we start to move towards the door, pick up the keys, put on shoes, or make any other indications that we MIGHT be heading out, Luna's right there ready to go.  She has become quite a dancer at the door when she is hoping you will take her along.  I'll bet she would even enjoy a trip to the vet if it led to her going for a car ride.

When I was a kid, my neighbor who introduced me to the world of greyhound rescue shared with me this valuable advice. "How do you catch a lose greyhound?  Open the car door and shout 'Car ride!"  I'm sure most greyhounds owners will agree with this awesome breed trait.

Since the 4-H Fair, Mike and I have been spoiling Luna with as many car rides as possible.  She has gone with me to work and "helped" the staff pack up the Fair.  Typically, she just follows along asking for pets and investigating what we're doing.  Since our office refrigerator is broken, Luna got to go out to lunch with me and the ladies.  She was very well behaved and mostly left us alone while we ate.

"Let me help you with that chip."
Luna has also enjoyed trips to my parent's house, Mike's parent's house, the lake, and other errands.  She is always eager to jump in the car and head out to...well, anywhere!


Sue said...

Glad she enjoyed going to work with you and having lunch out.

gyeong said...

Why do they love car rides so much? I have driven my kids around the block just to appease them.