Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lazy Day with the Gemstones

To celebrate the end of 4-H Fair madness and give Luna a break for her boring life, we decided to visit Mary Pat and her three greyhounds, the Gemstones.  Luna knew exactly where we were the moment we pulled up the driveway.  She eagerly greeted Opal, Tanzanite, and Emerald, but she was even more enthusiastic about greeting Mary Pat, keeper of all delicious treats.
Mary Pat with the Gemstones.
Mary Pat and I thought that the girls would enjoy running together in her big backyard, exploring the vegetable garden, and bothering the chickens.  We were surprised that Luna only did a few trots around the yard, trampled some of the garden, and sniffed at the chickens before ignoring them for the rest of the afternoon.
Tanzanite showing off her best side.
After only a short time all four dogs had picked their napping spots and fell asleep.  Here we thought they'd enjoy the afternoon running around and instead they just snoozed away.  We joked that we should stop calling them play dates and admit that our get togethers are really slumber parties.
Emerald perched on her throne.
Mary Pat had prepared a delicious treat for the girls of frozen peanut butter and yogurt in a waffle cone.  Each grey got her cone and quickly devoured the treat in just a few chomps.  We will definitely have to make Luna another one at home.
The pups are eager for their treat.  Notice Emerald's expression.
Wide eyes and open mouths.  They are ready!
Two seconds later it was all a memory.
Luna always enjoy visiting the Gemstones.  She gets tasty treats, plenty of attention, and the company of some wonderful greys.
Opal with her toy.
Emerald with her blanket.
Luna and Tanzanite "helping" in the kitchen.

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Sue said...

How lovely to the Gemstones. They are all beautiful.

Glad Luna had such a fab time with her friends.