Tuesday, July 30, 2013

No Fair for Luna

New Jersey has been experiencing another July with record heat.  During the week of my county's 4-H Fair, we were just melting.  We were in the high 90's for most of the week which made set up, working the Fair, and clean up miserable (and dangerous).  We took good care of our volunteers and animals by making sure everyone rested during the heat of the day, drank plenty of water, and used ice packs on their necks and wrists to keep cool.  In the end, everyone stayed happy and no one suffered from heat stroke so I consider this year's 4-H Fair a success.

So what did all this weather have to do with Luna?  Because of the extreme heat, Luna spent more than her fair share of days at home in the crate.  It was just too risky to have her come with me to the Fair.  She was not a happy camper after almost a month of being "ignored".  She stopped eating the treats we left for her to keep herself occupied and started avoiding the crate when it was time for us to leave.  

By the time the Fair got started, she was losing her mind each time I prepared to walk out the door.  She would jump up and down around me as I put on my shoes.  She would tug at any article of clothing and throw her stuffed animals in the air.  She would run to the door, spin around, and start barking.  She was a mad woman!

It got to the point where Mike had to hold her back as I walked out.  Talk about heartbreaking!  She reminded me of any little kid who is upset by their parent leaving. I could just see her crying, "Don't leave, Mom! I want to go with you!"  As if Fair time wasn't hard enough, I've got my dog making me feel terrible for leaving her at home.

The weather has become a lot more tolerable over the last few days so we have been taking Luna on as many adventures as possible to make up for her miserable weeks in the crate.  Stay tuned for pictures!


Sue said...

You did the right thing by leaving Luna at home in those temps. Obviously she missed you, but I am sure she is making the most of every outing now.

gyeong said...

Poor Luna. She just wants to spend some fun time with her mommy.