Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gotcha 2!

Can you believe it's already and only been two years since we adopted Luna?  How can time feel like it's passed so quickly and yet it feels like we've had Luna in our lives forever?

Here is a review of Luna's second year with us.
July - Grapehounds Wine Tour, NY
August - Luna doesn't always run when the opportunity arises
September - Greyhound Friends of NJ picnic
October - Luna and the three surviving gourds
November - Just a silly puppy.
December - Luna with her haul of new toys
January - Snowy walks in the neighborhood
February - Snowy hikes at the mansion
March - Luna tolerates foster dog Flying Symphony 
April - Beautiful walks again
May - Luna approves of Mike and me tying the knot
June - Father's Day
It's been another year full of adventures, drama, and love.  Mike and I are looking forward to spending another fantastic year with our favorite (spoiled-rotten) puppy.  Happy Gotcha Day, Luna!


Sue said...

Happy Gotcha Day Luna.

What Remains Now said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Luna. What a lovely year in pictures.

gyeong said...

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day! Time flies when you're cute little black greyhound.

Auntie M said...


Happy Gotcha Day Luna. I'm so happy you can get to celebrate them.