Friday, July 12, 2013


A while ago I talked about how Luna has discovered the fun of playing tug with her toys.  She has definitely improved over the last few months.  When I take her outside to run off her zoomies I try to take one of her toys with us so we can play tug.  If I forget, she is obviously upset with me because she will look for something to tug on me.  Having the toy on hand focuses her energy and leaves me without fear of her chomping on my hand by accident.

What I'm really impressed about is how focused she can be on tugging.  She will clamp down on the toy and refuse to let go.  I pull her in all directions including running with the toy so she has to follow, but she never lets go.  I'm pleased that she has figured out that the game works best when she is actively holding onto the toy instead of letting go right away.  At this time, she does not tug back if I stop moving the toy.  I don't know if she understands this part of the game or if she just prefers to have me do all the tugging.

Crocodile grip on the penguin.

It's hard to take pictures and play tug at the same time.


jet said...

Hahah that is cute :) I think being a greyhound she just prefers you do all the work lol

gyeong said...

Sounds like fun. My guys don't tug.

Jen said...

Tug is one of Elka's favorite games!

Auntie M said...

That's adorable. We'll have to match up her with Bwat. She also loves a good tug o war without being possessive about it.