Monday, July 1, 2013

Miss Ernie Visits

For the past week Luna has played hostess to our friend's pug, Miss Ernestine (a.k.a. Ernie).  I've known this pug for a very long time.  Ernie was one of my friends project dogs when we were in 4-H dog club together.  When I was a 4-H dog club leader, Ernie was my go-to dog when I had a club member who needed a calm, well-behaved dog to work with.  Ernie has retired and returned to 4-H more times than I can count.  She officially retired in 2010 after she filled in for club member's aggressive dog at the Fair.  It was obvious that Ernie had reached her limit.
Puggly Wuggly
Ernie and Luna have done well together.  They pretty much ignore each other which works well most of the time.  However, walking them together is next to impossible.  Luna wants to walk fast.  Ernie can barely walk at all.  Luna wants to sniff around.  Ernie wants to go back to the house ASAP.  The morning routine is a little longer since we need to take the dogs out separately, but its the easiest way to keep everyone under control.

Silly pug.
Last week, Ernie went with me to work.  She did fairly well, but I still like taking Luna to work best.  My co-workers loved her and the many noises she makes (constantly).  On our way to and from work, Ernie rode in the back of the Jeep where Luna normally rides.  She was quite the princess to have the whole back to herself.
Jump up there Ernie!

Good job.


Sue said...

Miss Ernie is adorable.

houndstooth said...

She sure is a cutie, and quite a saint to make it through all those 4H fairs! :)