Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scary Puppy

I bet you didn't know that Luna has a bit of mean dog in her.

Well, she's really only mean in her dreams.  Many times I have caught her not only running in her sleep, but also barking, growling, and baring her teeth.  Sometimes I like to think that she is chasing a rabbit or playing with other dogs.  After the shepherd attacked her, I'm sure she is now dreaming of getting some revenge.

The other night, Luna and I were cuddled on the spare bed watching TV when Mike came in and nearly collapsed in laughter.  While catching his breath, he managed to point at Luna as the source of his hysterical laughter.  I looked over and was surprised to see the meanest looking dog cuddled up next to me.  Luna didn't seem to bothered by our laughter and picture taking.

Who knew our sweet puppy could be so ferocious?
What's that?
Do you have something to say?
Oh my! What big teeth you have.
Very scary.
Don't eat me!!!


What Remains Now said...

Greyhounds are so expressive. Sometimes in a goofy way, but expressive just the same.

Sue said...

Song and now Polly all do those faces:) I learnt very early on, that just because the eyes were open doesn't mean they are awake. A couple of times I touched Song and she'd come out of her sleep and head for my hand with those teeth, but as soon as she realised it was me, she'd instantly stop.

Song would also break my heart when she dreamed and would whimper, almost sound like a crying child. I always had to wake her when she did that, to let her know she was ok.

jet said...

Barbie barks, whimpers, growls, lifts the lip, runs, everything when she is asleep. My border collie X blue heeler before her used to bark in her sleep. Sleep barks are cute how they don't open their mouths. My current foster hasn't barked or whimpered in her sleep yet and Bender hardly ever does.

Lunas teeth look good ;)