Friday, June 14, 2013

A Good Week for Luna

Luna got her stitches out yesterday so she is back to her "normal" self.  She still has a goofy haircut which will probably take most of the summer to grow back in.  Oh well.
Luna's "desk" is right next to mine.  She always stays close to me no matter where I go.
Because she had to wear the "cone of shame" to keep her from chewing on her stitches, she was constantly trying to get the cone off by rubbing up against furniture and doors.  It became a problem when she was knocking items over as she violently smacked the cone against bookshelves, dressers, and doors.  We thought crating her would solve that problem, but it didn't.  One night we woke up to her screaming bloody murder in the crate.  Apparently, she had gotten herself stuck in the corner because of the cone.  She could have easily backed up and turned around, but because she freaked herself out she could only think to scream for help.
Luna normally sleeps on the job.
So leaving her loose in the house wasn't an option and neither was crating her.  The only solution was for me to take her to work every day this week.  She really enjoyed the extra attention she received from all my co-workers, the extra cookies, and the surprise visits from volunteers who stopped by the office.  She's in for a real shock when I start leaving her at home next week.

Just waiting for the work day to end.
Luna will headbutt anyone she can so they will pet her.


What Remains Now said...

I'm so happy she is doing well and glad she got the treat of going to work with you. I think she deserved a little spoiling. Hoping she continues to do well.

Sue said...

Glad Luna is doing well. Neither of my girls bothered with their stitches, so I didn't use the cone. If need's be I could have muzzled them.

You are so lucky to be able to take Luna to work.

Auntie M said...

Tanzi currently has stitches in her shoulder. The cone doesn't work in this case, I need to keep the hind foot from scratching it. So she has on a T shirt. She can still do some damage, but not as bad if there was no shirt.
Little boy briefs might have worked for Luna's butt stitches. Hopefully you won't have to use that info in the future anytime soon.
Glad she's all better.

Patty E. said...

She has gone through so much, but she is such a trooper. Sweet girl!

gyeong said...

Bet she'll be glad when her hair grows back. Looks like it doesn't stop her from begging for some lovin'

Phyllis said...

Hi there,

I'm so sorry to learn of Luna's accident. I hate invisible fencing for all the reasons you state and more. The other problem you didn't mention is that invisible fencing does NOT protect a dog inside the fence from being attacked or stolen. Any animal can still come into that yard and attack.

Like you said, they give lazy owners a false sense of security.

Years ago I trained three of my dogs to stay inside their yard boundaries by walking them around the border daily and correcting them verbally as soon as all 4 feet were outside my property. It didn't take them long to learn and and would supervise them any time they were let out.

I hope Luna's wounds heal soon and I hope you made that dog owner pay for the vet bill!

MMarino said...

So glad that Luna is doing a bit better. Glad that she is up to head-butting! That's a great sign!