Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We're Back!...let the drama return...

May was a whirlwind of a month with finals for graduate school, work, and of course our wedding and honeymoon.  It is nice to be home and focusing on returning our home to a state of normalcy.

For the most part, Luna's daily routine has been boring at best.  She spent most days in the crate since we were running so many errands as we prepared for the wedding.  She did great tolerating these dull days and we fully intended to spoil her when we returned from the honeymoon with outings, runs in local parks, and maybe even a trip down to the shore.

Unfortunately, Luna's vacation with friends while we were away did not go as smoothly as we had planned.  While on a walk, Luna was attacked by a German Shepherd who was "contained" by an invisible fence.  Because of her instinct to run in a fight or flight situation, she received three puncture wounds on her sides and buttocks.  She never once tried to defend herself.  Instead, our friend who was caring for Luna had to kick at the dog to get it to back off.  Thankfully, she was wearing jeans which protected her legs from the dog's teeth so she only suffered a few scratches.

Luna spent the rest of the week recovering at my parents' house and has stayed in good spirits despite her tender wounds.  Tomorrow she will undergo surgery for stitches for two of her wounds.  Poor baby.  While she's under she will get a dental, nails clipped and other treatments for a full make-over.  She's going to be a hurtin' cowboy tomorrow evening.

I'll discuss the whole dog attack situation in another post since there is so much to talk about.  In the mean time, Mike, Luna, and I are working to settle back into our regular routine.  Hopefully, her wounds will heal quickly with the stitches so she can start enjoying her summer.


What Remains Now said...

POOR, SWEET LUNA! I'm so sorry this happened. Sending crossed paws and prayers that Luna's recovery is speedy.

Sue said...

Many congrats on your wedding.

Poor Luna. My girl was saying hello to a little Staffy that lives in our block of flats. both were wagging tails and nice and calm. then suddenly the Staffy turned. it was all bark and not bite, but Polly was terrified. She pulled back on her lead so fast, she bent my finger back. Felt like it was broken, but once the bruising came out it was fine. Ever since then Polly wags her tail but barks at the same time at dogs she doesn't know. It's such a shame as she comes over as an aggressive dog, which she isn't.

Hope Luna's ops go ok and she is soon fully recovered.

Patty E. said...

Oh, no! Sending healing thoughts to Luna.

Jen said...

Oh Luna :( I'm so sorry that happened to her.