Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pain in the Butt

Luna has been doing well recovering from her wounds.  Two of the three are healing on their own and are looking better each day.  We've been cleaning them at least twice a day and using a triple antibiotic cream.  The third wound (and worse one) was stitched up by the vet on Thursday.  While Luna was under anesthesia, they gave her a dental and clipped her nails (a little too close to the quick).  So in addition to her butt hurting she felt sore on her feet and mouth.  Poor girl.
Luna with a sore butt.
One of Luna's wounds before stitches.
This wound has healed on its own.
This one has been healing well on it's own.
This wound required stitches.
When we brought Luna home from the vet's office she looked as if she had been drinking all day.  She was pretty wobbly, very unfocused, and relied on solid structures to keep her standing.  One of her nails started bleeding on our way home so I stopped her before entering the house.  While I was doctoring her foot, Luna leaned against the side of the house to the point where I thought she was just going to slide down to the ground.  I couldn't help laughing and told Luna the same thing I've told many of my friends after a night of drinking.  "Your job is to keep this wall from running away.  You hold on nice and tight and don't let it go anywhere."  Poor baby.
Luna makes sure the house doesn't go anywhere.  Notice that she is not supporting herself with her left front paw.
After a day resting at home, she was more alert, but her butt was definitely hurting.  It took her a long time to decide that she was going to lie down.  When she did, she circled her bed multiple times and whimpered.  It didn't help that she preferred to lie down on the side that had the stitches.  I know this was an effect of her spinal injury.  She has always favored spinning clockwise since her accident.

Moving around the crate is hard with the cone of shame on your head.
Feeling pretty groggy from the anesthesia.
We took her over to Mike's parent's house on Friday so she could be pampered while we were out for the evening.  Amber was very polite with Luna and did not bother her too much.  Luna mostly stayed in the kitchen and ate some leftover rice as a treat.  She's always so good to help clean up in the kitchen.
Luna models her latest accessory.
She continues to perk up and her wounds look better each day.  In two weeks the stitches will come out.  Then it's just a matter of growing back those patches of fur.


Jen said...

Poor Luna, I'm glad she's on the mend!

They are so pathetic when they're coming off of anesthesia, aren't they?

Sue said...

Poor girl. I should think even when she's over the pain, emotionally she may well be worried about other dogs.

Polly and I are sending her healing positive thoughts and gentle hugs (((Luna)))

What Remains Now said...

Poor sweet, Luna! Sending hugs and hopes that she heals quickly. She is in good hands.

Auntie M said...

How is my poor Lunatic doing today?