Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wake Up Call

Nothing startles you awake better than a greyhound nose in your face.  Luna is typically very good at staying quiet in the morning.  She will stay on her pillow and wait for me to get up (for some reason she doesn't bother moving if Mike gets up first).
"I noticed that the sun is up."
However, if she decides that we've had enough sleep she will come over to the side of the bed and just stand there looking at me.  Again, she rarely bothers Mike.  If I don't respond, she'll move closer and rest her head on the bed.  If I still refuse to acknowledge her presence she will inch her nose close enough to leave a wet nose print on my arm or face which usually sends me leaping out of bed to her delight.

I'm just thankful that this method of waking up only happens occasionally and that she does does not choose to wake me up by jumping on the bed.

"Perhaps you weren't aware that the day has started."
"Do you need some motivation to get out of bed?"
"You'd better get up before I touch you with my nose."
"You know, you could help me get her out of bed instead of just smiling at me."

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Auntie M said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is SO Luna! I love it.