Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Can Luna Be a Good House Guest?

We will be staying at my aunt and uncle's house during Thanksgiving which will be a lot of fun for all of us.  Luna will get to meet Ginny, their hound mix, who loves to play.  We've been talking about taking them to the local dog park which is by far the best dog park I've been to.  Luna will also get to enjoy a whole new group of people interested in giving her attention.

I am a bit nervous about her stay since this will be a very new environment and my family is used to the way Eris behaved when visiting.  Eris was so comfortable in their house that she could be left out of the crate when we were out.  She enjoyed lounging in front of the fireplace, snoozing in the dining room, and resting in the bedrooms.  Can you tell she was pretty laid back?  Eris took vacationing to heart and really made the most of her time at their house.

Luna, on the other hand, loves to be involved and will follow people (especially people carrying food) from room to room.  She can get herself into trouble when she noses around the kitchen.  She will cry and bark occasionally when we leave her in the crate.  Basically, I'm worried that Luna will annoy the family and get herself in trouble.

To help her be the best house guest possible, Mike and I will make sure she is not left completely alone in the house and if she has to be she will be in the crate.  We will also keep a close eye on her to correct her anytime she looks like she's getting into trouble.  I'm sure she'll be fine and I'm looking forward to posting a good report later this week. 


gyeong said...

Hope she will be a good girl at your A&U's house. My Jaime was returned for whining and barking in her crate. We figured out that she hated being crated, especially if she was the only one 'caged'. She hasn't been in a crate since, and is muzzled if we don't trust leaving her in a new place.

houndstooth said...

Our girls love traveling and visiting! Blueberry would be happy as a clam to have her crate, but Bunny definitely would NOT! Ours are usually very content to be closed in the bedroom we're staying in if we have to be gone.

Hiking Hounds said...

I bet she will do a great job! I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving.