Sunday, November 20, 2011

Greyhound Craft Show

Renny is happy to meet Luna.
Don't they make a cute pair?
It turns out they're related!
Mike and I have been eagerly awaiting the annual Greyhound Friends of New Jersey Craft Show.  We were excited to show her rescuers how well she is doing, do a little shopping, and meet more greyhounds.  Mike's coworker and his girlfriend were there with their rescued greyhound, Renny.  He was a real sweetheart and seemed to enjoy meeting a cute girl like Luna.  I was blown away by how much smaller Luna is than most greyhounds.  She was so petite compared to the males and many of the females.

Luna did really well at the craft show and seemed to enjoy all the attention, sights, and smells.  She received many cookies and showed off some of her obedience skills.  My favorite part was checking out the adoptable greyhounds.  I follow their stories online and root for them until they're adopted.  For me, it was like meeting movie stars.  "Oh wow!  It's Oak's Kid Sister!  And over there is Tipsy Pocket!"  The best was actually petting Regal Lightning, a drop dead gorgeous male who came into rescue in the late spring.  His picture convinced Mike and me that we needed a greyhound.  As much as we loved him (and still do) he was not the right fit for our family so we were forced to pass.  I learned at the craft show that he was adopted about a month ago to a nice family and he is doing great.

Luna made out like a bandit.  It's completely obvious at this point that we are spoiling her, but who cares!
Luna's new winter coat.  Bright yellow to help the cars see her.

Her new blanket.  It says "Bow Wow" all over.

Her new winter collar and necklace.  Silvery white with gold snowflakes.

To wrap the day up we stopped by Mike's parent's house for a visit.  Luna showed us how happy she was by running laps around the yard.  She even chased a tennis ball a few times!  When Amber came out to see what was going on, Luna tried to get Amber to play.  Amazing considering Luna has never asked a dog to play before.  Even though Amber was not interested in playing chase, Luna enjoyed a good deal of running.

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gyeong said...

Wow Luna, you made out like a bandit! You're retired and deserve to be spoiled.