Saturday, November 5, 2011

Office Dog Becomes Guard Dog

I like to take Luna to work with me every once in awhile especially since my end of the hallway becomes a ghost town in the afternoon.  I work on the side of the building where there are several empty offices and a co-worker who works part-time so it can get pretty lonely.

Usually, Luna is a very well behaved guest when visiting my office and is the perfect example of why every day should be Bring Your Dog to Work Day.  However, I had not counted on the maintenance crew inspecting the fire alarm system today.

I could hear the guy coming down the hallway and spraying (I think smoke) from a canister to test the alarms.  Apparently, Luna did not like this sound and was concerned about the strange man in the building (the office population is mostly female).  As he turned the corner to come into my office she jumped up with several loud barks and stood guard at the door.  You could tell she wasn't interested in attacking the man, but definitely wanted to let him know that he was not welcomed.  Thank goodness the man was not afraid of dogs and had a good sense of humor.  He suggested I take Luna out of the office while he tested the smoke detector which was very thoughtful of him.

Later in the day we were told the fire alarms were going to go off as a test.  Everyone was concerned how Luna would react to the noise and lights.  It turns out that sitting calmly through the alarms was enough to let her know that there was no need to panic.  She had her ears up and looked around for the source of the sound, but after checking in with me and seeing no reaction she just ignored the noise.

While I am a little embarrassed by her out of character behavior, it is nice to know that she would defend us if she felt there was a threat.  So all you men with spray cans beware of the dog when entering my office!


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I bet Luna loves going to work with you. I'd be quite pleased to know that Luna is a good watch dog:) And also doesn't panic at weird noises. She did well.

gyeong said...

Who says greyhounds aren't good guard dogs? Just because my guys are barking at the FedEx man as he's driving away from already having dropped off the package.