Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Luna Themed Walk

I had the morning off so Luna and I decided to take a nice long stroll around the neighborhood.  This was one of our longest walks since her accident and I know she really enjoyed it.  She had her tail up, her head held high, and a prancing step. 
Where to?

On our walk we met one of our neighbors who also owns greyhounds.  We had met her about a week before Luna's accident, but she had heard about what happened through the neighborhood grapevine.  She was very pleased to see Luna doing so well and I know Luna enjoyed visiting with a fellow grey.

We continued our walk to the local pet shop where Luna explored the sights and smells.  There was a collection of bouncy balls for dogs that were modeled off of the solar system.  Each ball had the planet's name written on it.  I was tempted to buy the glow-in-the-dark ball that said "luna" on it, but Luna has not figured out toys yet so I don't think she's ready for novelty toys.
Awesome toy!

On our way back we stopped to take a picture in front of a local restaurant, "Luna Rosa".  It was nice to have Luna out and about.

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Auntie M said...

She looks great trotting along in her coat. But........I thought her color was pink!
She's still cute in yellow.