Friday, January 6, 2012

Pizza Party!

One of the great things about working at 4-H is the people you get to work with.  Our office loves to make lunch parties for any occasion.  This week's lunch party was inspired by our office secretary who brought a ton of bagels back from a meeting.  We took one look at the bagels and thought, "We should make pizza bagels!"  Soon enough we had the oven toasting our delicious lunch for the entire office.

So why does this matter on Luna's blog?  It just so happens that Luna was at the office the day we had our pizza bagel party.  This was the first time some staff members had seen Luna since her accident.  They were simply amazed to see her walk on the tiled floors and climb the two flights of stairs.  During our pizza party, Luna happily stayed on her blanket and chewed a rawhide.  One of my coworkers owns huskies who compete in sled dog competitions.  She commented that none of her dogs could sit so quietly while there was delicious smells all around.

I'm so proud of Luna for her excellent behavior.  She really is a fantastic dog and I am so glad she was well enough to join us for the party.


Sue said...

Glad Luna kept her manners.

She did well to walk on the floor and upo stairs.

closetfan said...

sounds like the blog is going back to just good old regular things that Luna does and not on her recovery.
Good on you Luna!

What Remains Now said...

So glad Luna is out and about again. Sounds like a fun party and great lunch!