Monday, August 6, 2012

Demanding Hot Walks

Poor Luna.  She so desperately wants to go outside for some walks and running around.  However, this past weekend it was so hot.  This was the first weekend in a very long time that I was not working or away so my plan was to just sit inside and enjoy the air conditioning.  Luna was not on board with that idea.

She followed me so close I had to be careful how I moved around the house in fear that I would trip over her.  When Luna wants to get your attention she begins by playing with her toys.  She will squeak the toys and toss them in the air for several minutes.  If that doesn't work, she will hang out by the front door and use her nose to ring the bell we hang on the door knob.  Still ignoring her?  She will come over and rest her heavy head on your lap.  She completes this stage with a heavy sigh and Bambi eyes.  If you are still not picking up on her hints for attention, she will start barking up a storm until your butt is off the couch.

This is what I dealt with all weekend.  A few times I tried to take her for a short walk, but the pavement was so hot she couldn't stand still for even a second.  A neighbor stopped us at one point and wanted to pet her. Poor Luna was picking up her feet because the pavement was burning her.  I'm sure the neighbor thought I was rude because I moved on very quickly.  On another walk, we had just barely gotten started when she was already hanging her swollen tongue out of her mouth.  We turned around and went home.

Luna just doesn't seem to make the connection between it's miserable outside and that's why we aren't going for long walks.  She keeps demanding the walks, but is miserable when I give them too her.  I'm looking forward to a few cooler days so we can let her run.


houndstooth said...

We've been battling the same thing! It's been just miserable. Do you have a lake or river or some other body of water nearby that you could visit with her. Bunny and Blue aren't big fans of swimming, but they do like walking with their feet in the water. Puzzle toys have also helped us out some! Have you thought about doing something like nosework with her? It will make her use her brain, which will tire her out better, and it can be a fun game.

Sue said...

Must be terrible tonot be able to walk outside. Hope it cools down for you.