Friday, August 24, 2012

Go Dog! Go!

It is pretty obvious when a walk just isn't enough for Luna.  She needs a good run.  The problem is that Luna will only do real hard running in two locations: my parents' backyard and Mike's parents' backyard.  She is too scared to run at a dog park (thanks to our second collision) even if she is the only dog in the park.  She'll do a couple of quick sprints, but nothing that would totally exhaust her.

Yesterday, I tried a new location.  We went to a ball field in my parents' neighborhood that is pretty secluded.  I thought this might help Luna relax since it doesn't look anything like a dog park.  Once again, she did a few sprints, but was not comfortable enough for real running.  I think she enjoyed the opportunity to sniff a new location.

Finally, I gave in and took her to my parents' house where she tore up the backyard.  I wish I had someone with me to film her running.  She doesn't run away from me and then return like my last greyhound did.  Instead, she spins in circles around me, nips at my shirt, play bows, and growls a lot.  In order to get her to run I have to have her chase me.  We end up just running back and forth across the yard.  This time I had her squeaky toy on the whip so she could chase after the toy.

It is exhausting to get Luna's zoomies out and I wish that she would just run around like a normal greyhound. On the plus side, I finally got her least for a few hours.


Charlene and Storm said...

wow how wierd, i thought all greyhounds were secret lazy bums who loved nothing better than slobbing on the sofa. i feel tired just thinking about you having to run around so luna will. im lucky in a way cos stormy loves to run after his frizbee xxx

have a great weekend
Dont run too much x

Charlene and Stormy

Sue said...

Sounds like Luna thinks you are the one needing to do some zoomies:)

Song doesn't run anywhere near as much as when I first had her. I think she's finally realised she is retired.

houndstooth said...

Blueberry has never been a big fan of running. She broke her toe a year and a half ago, and I've only seen her run once since then. Bunny likes to wait for someone else to run, then she likes to come from behind and leave them all in the dust. Lilac never ran in all the time we had her, besides a little trot to avoid me with the Furminator at the dog park. :-/ Treat would run once and then was done. Hawk had to have a tennis ball and then he'd run until his legs fell off if we'd let him! I've never had two that were the same about running.

gyeong said...

My guys aren't runners. When we have fosters or boarders who zip around the yard, my guys just give them the stinkeye.