Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wine and Greyhounds, What's Not to Love?

After a month of stressful 4-H camps and Fairs it was time for a break.  Luna, Mom and I said good-bye to the menfolk and headed to upstate New York for the annual Grapehounds Wine Tour.  This was our first big greyhound event and it won't be our last.
View from the vineyard.  Awesome!
I couldn't tell you how many greyhounds were there because there were so many.  I was amazed by the number of dogs, the spectacular views, and the good company.
Family of six greys!

Ladies only vacation.  Me, Luna and Mom.
In the mornings we hiked Buttermilk Falls which was fantastic physical therapy for Luna.  She had to navigate rocks, roots, and steps as we climbed around the gorge.  On one of our hikes she saw a small snake which she watched with great intent.  Suddenly she jumped straight up into the air as if she had been bitten.  Upon closer examination I realized that she had shifted her weight while observing the snake and had caused a stick to poke her in the foot.
We didn't see a bear...but we saw a snake.
Checking out the stream that leads to the lake that leads to the falls.
A little water and we're ready for the next adventure.
In the afternoons we dined at a lake view restaurant, wine tasted six wineries and a distillery, and hung out with the greyhounds.  Luna shared her frozen vanilla yogurt with an adorable Italian Greyhound during the ice cream social.  While my Mom loves greyhounds, I saw her falling for the Iggies.  I won Luna a collection of holiday necklaces in the silent auction.  We love them and can't wait to show them off this year.

This old church is now a winery.  Awesome.
Lunch by the lake.
Luna modeling her new bling.
Every night we came back to the Grayhaven Motel (fantastic place to vacation with your dog) and watched the Olympics.  I tried to cuddle with Luna on the twin bed, but she was too tired to jump up one night.  Oh well, there wasn't much room for both of us anyway.
What a pretty puppy.

The weekend was wrapped up with a group hike to one of the falls.  It was amazing to see so many greyhounds on the trails.  We missed the group photo :-( but when we arrived there were still plenty of greyhounds.  A few (including Luna) enjoyed a quick dip in the water.  We had so much fun we are already planning next year's Grapehounds Wine Tour.  
Just some of the many greyhounds on the hike.

The gathering at the falls.

One grey really enjoyed the water.

This is by far the tallest greyhound I've ever seen.  Huge!


Sue said...

Looks like a fab time. had toi smile at the Grey in the water:)

Loving the bling also.

Melbourne Kidson said...

Seemed like a good day out! On a similar outing we encountered a snake and had to get a snake catcher to remove it before a dog got bit. In all both dogs and snake were safe!
All the best

gyeong said...

What fun. It's been a couple years since we went to Grapehounds NY. Great wineries and greyhounds everywhere. Don't forget about Grapehounds VA. Would love to meet the Luna.

Auntie M said...

You went to Grapehounds?! I'm so jealous! It looked like a lot of fun. I'll have to plan to go one of these years.

Are you going to Dewey in the fall?

Winnie said...

That sounds like an amazing event. I'd LOVE to go.

Love and licks, Winnie

Steve Uyehara said...

maybe i'll have to go to grapehounds and get my fill of photographing all the greys there, too.