Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wild Weather

In my last post I talked about how nice and warm the weather was.  This past week, the weather turned nasty.  Almost all week we were below 32°F.  On one day the wind chill made it feel like -1°F.  Yikes!

Luna handled the cold weather pretty well.  She stayed bundled up in her bedding and was very quick about her potty breaks.  The downside was that we were unable to take many walks and she has been more antsy in the evening than usual.

The past few days have actually been very warm.  We hit about 50°F yesterday which is just crazy!  Of course, the crazy weather didn't stop there.  This morning it was so windy Luna and I were nearly knocked over on our morning walk.  Good thing I was holding tight to her leash because definitely looked like she wanted to take off.  This evening it is going to get back to about 20°F so we'll be returning to typical winter weather.

Crazy weather!


Sue said...

Blimey you sure have had a rollercoaster of temps and weather.

Hope you can get out for your walks in some decent weather.

houndstooth said...

It sounds just like here!

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Sounds like here, too. One day it'll be ferociously windy, another will be still and warm (ish) and yet another will be bitterly cold. Last night, it suddenly started bucketing down with rain, but at 3am (as I know because Jeffie wasn't feeling good) it was dry again. And I mean fairly dry underfoot, too!