Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flying Symphony

For the next few weeks, Luna has a sister!  We are fostering a brood greyhound named Flying Symphony until she is adopted.  I was worried about how Luna would handle the transition from spoiled only child to  becoming the younger sister of an eight year old mother dog.  So far they have done very well together.  Luna is a little pushy because she knows how we do things around here and she doesn't want to wait for Symphony to figure it out.  She also showed off a little by playing with some toys, running up and down the stairs, and performing all her tricks for a treat.

Symphony was spayed just a few weeks ago and she had some teeth removed that were pretty disgusting.  For the next week she will need to stay calm and quiet which is harder for us because we want to take her out into the world and show her a good time.  Patience.  We tried having her wear the cone, but our apartment is kind of small so she kept getting stuck in places.  We now have her muzzle taped up so she won't lick her stitches.
Poor silly puppy.
Listening to the washing machine fill.
Luna's not sure about having to share pillows.
You could tell that Symphony wasn't feeling too well yesterday because she went straight into the crate without being told to do so and just laid down.  She slept most of the day in the crate.  She did come out for a few minutes last night while we had company over.  Her tail never stopped wagging which is one of her best qualities.  She loves to wag her tail and hugs are her current favorite thing.
"I'll just hide in here."
Her tail was wagging so hard during this hug.
This morning, Symphony was finally feeling well enough to eat.  She had a delicious meal of softened kibbled while Luna practiced her sit stay.  Luna got a treat right after Symphony finished because she did so well.  Don't worry, Luna is getting way more treats than usual and plenty of pets and attention.

If you'd like to learn more about Symphony or see more pictures of her check out her web page on Greyhound Friends of NJ


What Remains Now said...

Symphony looks like a lovely lady. Hoping she heals up fast and finds the perfect forever home. Looking forward to hearing further adventures of two pups in the house.

Those Brindle Kids said...

What a pretty little lady! Bless you for fostering her. Hope she's 100% soon. Luna seems to be embracing her foster sister role!

Sue said...

She is a lovely looking girl. I hope she finds her forever home soon.

Well done Luna for getting on with her.

gyeong said...

Takes a bit longer for a senior to heal up. Glad she is feeling better. Sounds like Luna wants to make sure Symphony knows all about retired life before she leaves for her forever home.

houndstooth said...

I love her name! I hope she finds a home soon. Brood mamas are something very unique and sweet!