Monday, February 25, 2013

Meet the Greys

On Saturday, Luna and I were at a local greyhound meet and greet for our rescue group.  I wanted to bring Symphony with us, but she was still feeling under the weather from the anesthesia and she was still a little nervous outside of her crate.  Luna enjoyed the one-on-one time with me even though she had only been a sibling for less than 24 hours.

In the past when we've gone to the meet and greets, there have only been about four dogs including Luna.  At this event, there were a total of eight greyhounds!  Two were up for adoption.  The public loved seeing so many dogs of various colors and sizes.  Three boys towered over five girls.  Luna showed off her beautiful necklace, tricks, and personality to her adoring fans.  
The whole gang.
Braska Pitch.  Handsome boy looking for a home.
Greta and Mona taking a break.
Greta showing off her belly.
Bo hoping I have treats.
"A customer! Quick! Everyone in for a hug!"
Super tall Sullivan was quite the eye catcher.
Symphony is already feeling much better and her personality is just shining through.  She loves to wag her tail, roll on to her back for belly rubs, and be cuddled.  I know she will really enjoy going to these meet and greets with Luna and me very soon.


Sue said...

Braska Pitch is one handsome lad.

Well done all of your for spreading the word of how wonderful Greyhounds are.

Glad Symphony is doing well.

What Remains Now said...

Glad to hear that Symphony is doing well. I hope she gets a great home with plenty of spoiling and belly rubs.

gyeong said...

Glad she is starting to feel better. A couple of greys at a Meet 'n Greet garner a lot of attention. A whole gaggle of 'em must have had people lining up to pet them.

Those Brindle Kids said...

What a happy bunch of hounds! I love Meet & Greets with lots of dogs. They're impressive one at a time but a group of them can't help but draw a crowd.

Glad to hear Symphony is feeling better. Good things are in store for that sweet girl!