Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stair Master

As I'm sure many of you know, stairs are a new concept for greyhounds off the track.  Luna has enjoyed showing off to Symphony her ability to go up and down stairs for the last few days.  I think she especially liked the idea that she got to sleep upstairs with us at night at Symphony had to stay downstairs in the crate.
These are the stairs we tried to avoid carrying Luna up and down when she was injured.
Every night we offered Symphony the chance to come upstairs and every night she declined the offer by going into the crate.  Fine by us.  Two nights ago I wanted to try to encourage her to attempt the stairs, even just a little bit.  We've got to start learning if she's ever going to come to work with me.  With some gentle pushing and picking up her paws a few times, Symphony made it to the first landing.  She immediately laid down.
"I'll just camp here for the night."

After a few moments rest it was obvious that Symphony was planning to camp out on the landing indefinitely.  During this time Luna was running up and down the second half of the stairs as if to say, "That's as far as you can go? Look how much more I can do!"  Show off.  I eventually got Symphony back on her feet and waited to see which direction she wanted to go, up or down.

She choose up (I think to follow Luna) which meant a little more pushing and moving her paws, but this time she did most of it on her own.  By the time she reached the top you'd have thought she just finished climbing Mt. Everest.  There was a whole lot of panting, but she looked pleased with herself.

In a few moments we had a bed set up for her in our room (to Luna's displeasure) and had Symphony settled in for the night.  Unfortunately, with her e-collar and metal tags on her regular collar, she made way too much noise every time she got up during the night.  We were startled awake over and over again.  Last night, despite Symphony's protests, she spent the night in the crate downstairs.  We'll bring her back up at night at the end of the week when she no longer has to wear the e-collar. 
All tucked in wearing her e-collar.
"You said I wouldn't have to share my room."


Those Brindle Kids said...

YAY! Symphony made it!
I can only imagine the noise she must have made during the night with every little collar sound amplified by the plastic collar! Geez.
Poor Symphony and poor, poor Luna. It will all get better soon girls!!

Sue said...

So glad Symphony is getting the hang of the stairs. She obviously wants to be with you, so I hope that collar can come off soon.

I am sure Luna feels a little put out, but she knows you love her and I am sure she'd also undestand that Symphony needs your love as well.

gyeong said...

Stairs. The foe of the fresh off the track hound. We moved to a rancher so our kids wouldn't have to tackle stairs inside (still a few steps on the deck), since they're all double digits.

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Poor Symphony - but what a great name!! And she is gorgeous.

We like the Bite-not collar, both for comfort for the dog and the fact that it is silent and doesn't catch on things!!