Thursday, March 15, 2012

All Work and No Play

It was another big day for Luna.  She went with me to work where she had a hard day of lounging, greeting co-workers, and eating treats.  Such a tough life.  After work we went to our attention and handling class followed by physical therapy.  Both went well and I can tell that Luna is tired.

Luna and I continue to stick out from the group in our attention and handling class.  Remember, this class is populated by retrievers, collies, and other clever breeds.  Part of our exercises tonight was to get our dogs to play with us.  Our trainer explained how to use the soft toys to get our dogs to play in a game of tug-of-war.  She did mention that there are some dogs that don't know how to play, but they are very rare.  Umm...not in the greyhound world.

I tried to get Luna to play with the toys, but she was more interested in her classmates acting so silly.  We were a little successful when I asked her to "take" the toy.  This is her command for dumbbell so she knew that I wanted her to grab the toy.  Our trainer suggested tying a string to the toy to encourage her to chase it.  This will probably work well for her and will give her a chance to chase something in a safe way as she builds up her strength.


Sue said...

Song doesn't really know how to play. She will chase after a tennis ball, but once she's got it she just wants to chomp it in two. She won't play tug, but will happily chomp on a squeakie toy. She loves to run and I think to her that's play time.

So glad Luna is getting on at her classes.

Auntie M said...

I always look forward to Luna updates.
Do you think my girls would eventually get her interested in toys (if she comes over enough?) Hint hint.