Monday, March 26, 2012

Visiting Family

I know I've fallen behind in my posts (sorry), but I have plenty of great news to share.  I was hoping to have a few pictures available, but that is going to take awhile since the pictures are on my dad's camera and who knows when I'll get them.

Mike, Luna and I spent some time last week at my aunt and uncle's house for a family event.  This was the first time Luna has been to their house since Thanksgiving so they were now meeting Luna post accident.  She looked so well to them that I had to remind everyone constantly why she was not allowed to run.  She had a great time visiting so many people and interacting with her dog cousin, Ginny.  She and Ginny were quite a pair when it came to greeting new arrivals at the door, barking at other dogs from the porch, and begging for snacks from anyone sitting at the kitchen table.

On Thursday, we took the dogs for a nice walk along a local canal.  The weather was perfect and spring was in full bloom.  The woods we were walking in had little yellow flowers carpeting the ground.  It was truly a awesome sight to see.  The dogs just loved being outdoors and exploring the sights and smells.

On Friday, we took the dogs to the local dog park which is probably the best dog park I have ever been to.  I had hoped to let Luna off leash if there weren't too many dogs in the park, but it was always busy with high energy dogs so she stayed on leash.  Ginny was not happy to see so many large dogs (she prefers smaller breeds) so she did not interact much with the other visitors.  At the park we saw many different breeds including an Australian shepherd, a boxer, a sheltie, a westie, a scottie, an Irish wolfhound, and three great danes (one was a four month old puppy as large as the boxer).

The best part of our visit was seeing Luna play for the first time.  I have mentioned in a previous post that she suddenly clicked on how to play fetch.  This weekend she took it a step further and began to play with a squeaky toy.  At first we were playing fetch on the living room carpet, but suddenly Luna realized how much fun she could have by pouncing on the toy and shaking it (although not very hard).  A couple of times she bit the squeaker and that added to her fun.  She still prefers that we toss the toy and let her chase it, but it is nice to see her warming up to such a fun experience.

On Saturday, it was time to head home.  Luna did great in the car (as always) and we were home in no time.  I'm looking forward to future travels with her and hopefully we will get a video of her playing soon.

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