Monday, March 12, 2012

Bouncing, Spinning, and Fetching

Luna is changing her restless condition from cabin fever to spring fever.  She is really showing some fun personality since the weather has gotten warmer and she wants to get out and run.  Yesterday was especially exciting.

We brought Luna over to Mike's family's house for dinner, but before we sat down to eat Luna and I took advantage of the fenced in yard and beautiful day to play.  She did a little bit of running (don't tell our therapist), but mostly she just bounced and spun in circles.  The whole time you could hear her softly growling.  "Grr.  Grr."  Silly puppy.

The best part of our playtime was when I tossed a tennis ball a few feet and she went after it.  She pounced on the ball and happily ran it back to me.  I took the ball and gave it another short toss.  Within just a few moments we were playing fetch!  Whoever heard of a greyhound playing fetch?  She loved the new game, especially when I bounced it making it harder to chase.

It was pretty obvious that Luna has a lot more work to do before she can really be let out to run.  At this point she is a little wobbly when she is not thinking about how she should place her feet.  For now, she seems really happy to be able to run very short distances and bounce in circles.  I'll have to take her to the park soon and see if I can get some video of us playing.


gyeong said...

What is Fetch? When I throw a stuffie in the yard, everyone ignores it but Stanley. And he just picks it up and takes it back in the house where it will be safe from the elements :)

Sue said...

Song loves chasing after a tennis ball, but when she get's it, she chomps it until it breaks in half. She doesn't bring it back. Once it's in half she doesn't want it and I have to get a new one out (good job I can get cheap ones).