Monday, March 19, 2012

Social Butterfly

It was another busy weekend full of adventures.  The beautiful warm weather gave us plenty of opportunities to visit with friends and explore the outdoors.   On Saturday, Luna traveled with me on my errands.  We hosted a St. Patrick's Day party so there was a lot to do to get ready.  Luna was the perfect host, although we did have to crate her when the food came out.  It was very tempting.  Still, she behaved beautifully and everyone loved her festive bandanna.
Guard dog on duty.

On Sunday, Luna and I were invited by our former 4-H dog club to join them at a local nursing home for a visit.  We brought along Ashely and Chewie.  All the dogs were well behaved and enjoyed the attention from the residents.  Luna was very good about letting people pet her and she took treats very gently.  Mike and I nicknamed her gator because she can be snappy when she takes treats.  At the nursing home, she seemed to understand that she needed to be careful.  Luna was the perfect height for the residents sitting in chairs.  They did not need to bend over to pet her and she was very sweet about putting her head in their laps.  One resident was so comfortable with Luna that she ended up giving her a hug which looked more like a head lock.  It's a good think Mike plays rough with Luna so she was comfortable with this strange affection.
Visiting the residents.

Luna and Blizzard enjoying the fresh air after visiting the residents.

Chewie rocking her distinctive smile. :-)
 Following the nursing home visit, Ashley and I took the dogs to a local dog park.  Because of the beautiful weather, the park was filled with many different breeds.  There was a beautiful blue great dane that was playing fetch with a basketball.  Among the variety of breeds were three other greyhounds!  Luna wanted to run with them so badly, but I had to explain to the other owners why she needed to stay on leash.  I know Luna appreciated visiting the park and seeing so many dogs.

To top off our weekend, we met some new neighbors who just moved in and happen to own a greyhound!  Vinny is nine years old and is a lovely fawn.  He and Luna enjoyed a few minutes of greeting as we talked with the neighbors.  Hopefully, we can set up a play date for Luna and Vinny in the future.
A busy weekend = a happy puppy.


Two Greyhound Town said...

Wow, Luna is going to enjoy her new neighbor. I wish we had some greyhounds nearby.

Sue said...

Luna you are a star for visiting the home and making the residents smile.

gyeong said...

How cool the new neighbors have a grey. Little kids love to hug the greys around their neck. Good thing our guys are laid back.

Auntie M said...'s been a week. I need my Luna fix!