Monday, April 23, 2012

April Showers

We finally got our April showers this weekend.  The ground really needs it, but Luna could do without the cold, wet grass.  Since it has been so dry for so long, I had forgotten how much Luna dislikes being wet.  She has been fine in the underwater treadmill I think because the water is warm and she really does not have a choice about being in the tank.

Last night, Mike and I suited Luna up with her rain jacket and harness and pushed her out the door for her last bathroom time.  To say she was unhappy with the rain would be an understatement.  She huddled under the small roof above the front door begging someone to let her back in.  I called her away from the door, but she was not going to budge.  I finally had to pull her away.  Once she realized that we were not going back inside until she went to the bathroom, she was very quick about her business.  On the way back to the front door she pulled as hard as possible causing me to almost trip into a puddle.

This morning, it was still wet, but not raining.  Again, Luna was not pleased with the weather and insisted that she did not need to go to the bathroom.  Liar.  While I am glad the weather is giving us our much needed rain, I am ready for some dryer weather so every bathroom trip does not have to be a terrible ordeal.


gyeong said...

Wonder if she would like boots to protect her feet from the cold wet? Luckily my guys are pretty good about going out in any kinda bad weather. But tracking in the red clay after a big rain does a real number on the carpet

Anonymous said...

Riley doesn't seem to mind the wet weather. I do, though! Chloe, our other dog, hates the rain.

Elyse and Riley