Saturday, April 7, 2012

Here Comes the Sun!

Spring has sprung and Luna is loving it.  We have taken a few trips to the nearby dog park, had a few leisurely walks around the lake, and lounged in the afternoon sunshine.  Luna is so funny when she first steps out the door.  She is always so excited and when she feels the cool breeze hit her face she suddenly gets a case of the zoomies.  This is a little tricky for me being on the other end of her leash, but we manage.  It is just nice to see her happily spinning, bouncing, and tugging on the end of the leash as if to say, "Hurry up!  Let's go!"
Sunbathing beauty.
It does get a bit chilly at night so we can't put away all the blankets just yet.  The other night Luna must have been a cold because I found her snuggled with her blanket.  I guess just her nose was cold since she didn't bother to cover anything else.

Was the movie too scary for her?


gyeong said...

Spring Fever makes my guys frisky too.

Sue said...

Spring nights can be cool, so I'd hang on to that blanket. Song is still having her jumper on at nighgt, otherwise she wakes me up to cover her up.