Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Day and Good Behavior

It was another perfect day and Luna insisted that we get outside for some fresh air.  We decided to have breakfast at a little outdoor cafe just a short walk from our house.  Luna enjoyed the sights, smells and a few nibbles on our breakfast.
I love how her eyes stand out.

Afterwards, Mike and I had to run a quick errand and we thought we'd give Luna the opportunity to prove she could be trusted out of the crate.  She has been improving over the last few months about not freaking out when we leave.  She is also very happy to go into her crate because she knows she's going to get a big treat.  In fact, many times when I pick up my purse and walk into the kitchen she will immediately head for the crate.  We were gone for less than one hour and when we returned we were pleased to see her calmly resting on her pillow in the living room.  Nothing was disturbed.

Later in the afternoon, I took Luna to our local dog park for another little run.  We have been visiting the park when no one is around so she can have a few minutes of running with no other dogs around.  She is not quite ready to be in an area where someone could accidentally hit her.  We were having our normal laid back trot around when suddenly everyone showed up with their dog.  I was nervous at first, but the other dogs seemed to get the message right away that Luna was not going to run and play.  They left her alone while they played.  She enjoyed greeting the new dogs and visiting the owners for pets.

I am pleased that Luna is doing so well with new situations.  I can see that she is relaxing and understands our routines.  She is so much more comfortable about visiting the dog park, staying home alone, and quietly waiting for us to finish our meals.  What a good girl.


House of Carnivores said...

Progress is good!

I very much remember that first time that we left Maera alone. I was scared to death that I'd come home to find the living room destoyed, but like Luna, she did very well.

gyeong said...

Sounds like Luna has made the full transition to home life from the kennel/track. Ah, life in suburbia :)

Two Greyhound Town said...

She is doing great! She is such an inspiration to me as far as recovering after her accident.

Hiking Hounds said...

Sounds like she is doing great and having a lot of fun.

Auntie M said...

Time for another visit to her Auntie M's. I'll hold the gem girls while Luna trots around.