Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Looney Luna Nicknames

One of my co-workers told me that her friend recently had a baby girl which they named Luna.  She asked what my opinion was on the name.  Obviously, since I named my dog Luna I like the name.  However, I pointed out that as pretty as Luna is for a name, it does come with a number of tough nicknames.  Any child named Luna is going to have to put up with a lot.  Here are some of Luna's nicknames:
  • Looney Luna
  • Looney Toons
  • Looney Bin
  • Looney Ballooney
  • Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter character)
Are you noticing a pattern?

Luna has also earned herself a few other nicknames based on her actions and personality.  Some of the ones listed below you may have already heard us say in previous videos.
  • Alligator (or Gator)
    • She can be a bit snappy when taking a treat.
  • Sassy
    • Since her accident she has become quite vocal about her wants.
  • Girly girl (or Baby girl)
    • For when she's decked out in pink.
  • Lulu
  • Mouse
    • Because she is small, black and has long whiskers.  I normally call her that when she is in the underwater treadmill because she looks so pathetic.
  • Grandpuppy
    • My dad's name for her.

Who would have thought that the name Luna would open up so many doors for nicknames.  It's a good thing she seems to enjoy them all.


Auntie M said...

You forgot Luna-tic ;-D

Witty Angel said...

I can't believe I forgot that one! I'm sure there are plenty of others I've missed.

gyeong said...

Cute nicknames. It's amazing how many nicknames the kids rack up over the years.

Sue said...

Song is often called Goofy Girl just because she is:)

Auntie M said...

PS...I LOVE that top pix of Luna.

What Remains Now said...

I love to hear nicknames. They're always interesting...particularly the stories behind them.

Oskar said...

I get called tons of nicknames too. I think it means we are loved.

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Nubbin wiggles,